Responsive Web Design for Services Business

Diseño Web Responsive para Empresa de Servicios.

This beautiful website has just been finished and published. This work consisted of redesigning the existing old website into a new responsive and modern site. Although the old one was very nice designed (and therefore most part of the old media was used) it was made with a hard to use CMS and the design was not responsive. So what we did was install WordPress, so the client could make good use of the website and work freely with the contents and then look for a theme that suited the client’s needs The fellas at Swift Ideas had just the right thing! Responsive design, dinamic contents, fantastic sliders… all this has been possible thanks to the powerful content managments system that WordPress offers. We hope you like it as much as we do.


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    1. Thank you for your bot comment. Rankings are important but if your grammar is as bad as yours I doubt readers will place any trust in your websites.

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